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Agilent Vaclon Plus Ion Pumps

Agilent VacIon Plus Range

An energy-efficient, oil-free pump to meet demanding applications 

Agilent VacIon Plus is a complete family of ion pumps, controllers, options, and accessories, designed to provide the best performance for each application. Dedicated ion pump solutions offer variety in operating pressure, gas mixture to be pumped, and starting pressure. The VacIon Plus family includes Diode, Noble Diode, and StarCell pump versions. It also includes MiniVac, Dual and Ion Pump controllers, to provide different power levels and interfaces. Titanium Sublimation Combination Pumps (TSP) offer extra high getterable gas pumping speed for specialty applications. Applications for the VacIon Plus pumps include high energy physics, analytical instrumentation, nanotechnologies and industrial vacuum processes. Agilent offers ion pumps and controllers dedicated to Electron Microscopy (SEM).

For more information download the PDF Brochure below

Agilent Ion Pump PDF Brochure


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