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Low cost of ownership for high vacuum-pumping applications 

Marathon CP Series Cryopumps are specifically designed to meet the needs of high vacuum processes. Applications for these versatile systems range from custom laboratory equipment to industrial-scale tools. Manufacturers of semiconductor devices, flat panel displays, test equipment, solar manufacturing and a wide variety of coating and thermal vacuum systems require efficient, reliable and robust systems that offer a low cost of ownership. The Marathon CP Series Cryopumps deliver on all fronts. A range of standard and low profile enclosures, ANSI, ISO and CF flanges, as well as manual and fully automatic features, ensure that users have modularity and flexibility to choose from when designing their systems.All Marathon CP Series Cryopumps are driven by highly efficient and reliable helium compressors. These compressors boast an industry leading 30,000 hour maintenance interval. Compressors are available in single-phase and three-phase, low and high voltage versions.

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Adixen Pascal Series Pumps PDF Brochure


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