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Turbo-V2300 TwisTorr Vacuum Pumps

Turbo-V 2300 TwisTorr

A powerful, compact solution with best-in-class performance 

The Turbo-V 2300 TwisTorr pump offers the highest pumping speeds in its category for N2. Utilizing leading-edge Twistorr technology, the pump achieves higher compression ratios for light gases in a commercially available turbo molecular pump. The pump is designed for scientific and research applications and is operated with a dedicated full display rack controller. Due to high foreline pressure tolerance, the pump may be backed by a smaller, cost-effective dry scroll pump like the Agilent TS600.

  • The Turbo-V 2300 solution comprises a stand-alone pump and rack-type display controller unit

  • Advanced rotor design in combination with TwisTorr technology reduces the number of pumping stage

  • Our unique monolithic rotor reduces material stress and improves assembly tolerances

  • Electrical motor reduces start-up time and improves pump stability under changing gas load conditions

  • Higher vacuum performance with lower heat dissipation

  • Advanced water cooling system

  • Optimized air cooling system

  • Clean maintenance-free vacuum
For more information download the PDF Brochure below

Turbo-V2300 TwisTorr PDF Brochure

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