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HLD Series Leak Detectors

Ensure Stability and Performance in Any Leak Detection Application

The Agilent Dry Leak Detectors use a mass spectrometer tuned to detect helium, which is used as a tracer gas to locate and/or measure very small leaks in enclosed devices or systems.

The mobile HLD models are both a precise instrument and a robust workhorse, featuring an easy-to-use touch screen interface and menu structure that quickly connect users to powerful leak detection capabilities. Built-in application setups shorten test cycles, and setups can be saved to assure repeatability. The mobile HLD models are easily rolled to convenient locations on its four wheels while the portable HLD models fit easily on a table, bench or cart.. The HLD Series Helium Leak Detectors include an Agilent Vacuum Pump (Varies according to Leak Detector Model), for rapid evacuation of test parts and systems and rapid clean-up of ambient helium between test cycles.

Key Features:
Wet or Dry Pump Configuration
Vacuum or Sniffing Modes
Mobile, Bench or Portable Models
2-30m3 /hr pump options for various sized Chambers
8.4inch Colour Touch Screen interface
6 pre-programmed application setups
Ergonomic Design with easy service access

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