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Agilent Scroll Pumps

Ideal primary pumps for your demanding vacuum applications 

Agilent Dry Scroll Pumps deliver low ultimate pressure vacuum at high speed. Oil-free, durable, reliable and easy to maintain, our dry scroll pumps are the ideal primary pumps for demanding applications, and ideal for backing high vacuum turbo pumps to eliminate risk of sample contamination. The IDP-3 and SH-110 scroll pumps use a single stage design to deliver dry vacuum in a small, economical, reliable package making these pumps ideally suited for Analytical Instruments and Research and Development.

TriScroll pumps are two-stage scroll pumps that achieve the lowest ultimate pressure of any dry pump technology on the market today. Inverter-driven Tri-Scroll pumps delivery constant pumping speed worldwide, regardless of line frequency. These pumps are supported by the world class Agilent technical support

For more information download the PDF Brochure below

Agilent Scroll Pump PDF Brochure


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