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TOF SIMS 5 Installation

TOF SIMS 5 Installation TOF SIMS 5 Installation

The Grahamstown Rhodes University DST Centre for Nanotechnology Innovation recently purchased an IONTOF TOF SIMS mass spectrometer, their 2nd major system purchased from Vacutec. Their 1st having been the Kratos Axis Ultra XPS System.

The MP Minister of Science and Technology, Honourable Mrs Grace Naledi Mandisa Pandor, was in attendance to officially open the new facility.

It is interesting to note there are three IONTOF TOF SIMS mass spectrometers in the whole of Africa, and all were purchased and installed through Vacutec.

This unit was fully equiped with all of the latest analysis guns. The TOF SIMS 5 has a range of capabilities with a bismuth primary ion gun for imaging with spatial resolution of < 100nm, spectroscopy capabilities up to many thousand Daltons and this can be accomplished on a wide range of samples such as metallic, insulating, polymers and biological with either smooth or rough surfaces.

It also has a depth profiling facility for ultra shallow measurements and high power capabilities for fast sputtering rates when greater depth is required.

Contact Richard Holton (sales@vacutec.co.za) at Vacutec for further information.



Unisa Recently purchased the Kratos Axis Supra XPS System from Vacutec.

The AXIS SupraTM combines state-of-the-art XPS performance with unrivalled automation and ease of use. The patented AXIS technology ensures high electron collection efficiency in spectroscopy mode and low aberrations at high magnifications in parallel imaging mode.

Contact Richard Holton (sales@vacutec.co.za) at Vacutec for further information.


Nanotechnology Conference

Nano Technology Conference

Vacutec Exhibited at the Nanotechnology Conference in Bloemfontein.


Success Story

In 2012 we became Agents for Fisher Scientific who are one of the world’s largest suppliers of laboratory equipment and instrumentation.


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