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901P Vacuum Transducer

Pressure/Vacuum Measurement 

(1.0x10-5 to 1000 Torr) with Atmospheric Switching Pressure/vacuum gauges with Piezo and MicroPirani™ vacuum sensors for load locks.
Designed specifically for load lock environments, the 901 Plus (901P) Loadlock Transducer (LLT) combines Piezo and MicroPirani™ vacuum sensor technology. The combined output provides significantly higher accuracy, stability, repeatability and a faster response time than conventional thermal conductivity gauges.

Features & Benefits

  • 3-sensor functionality in a single transducer for a wide measurement range
  • Ultra compact design saves space
  • Setup, diagnostic and operation software available
  • Optional analog output and electrical connectors match other vendors' gauges for easy upgrades
  • Three optional setpoints
  • Optional local display


For more information download the PDF Brochure below

MKS Gauges PDF Brochure




MKS Baratron Gauge

970-DS Cold Cathode Transducer

Pressure/Vacuum Measurement 

The 970 Series is a family of compact, low cost, general-purpose transducers that utilize from one to four sensors- cold cathode, MicroPirani™, and Piezo technologies. Combining these sensing technologies enables a wide measurement range from atmosphere to 10-8 Torr. In addition to its small size, broad range and lower cost, the 970 Series can be operated via digital communication or as an autonomous analog unit.

Features & Benefits

  • Small footprint design provides a compact transducer solution saving tool real estate
  • Single transducer provides a wide mea- surement range of 10-8 Torr to atmos- phere (972B and 974B models), eliminating the need for multiple gauges
  • The MEMS based MicroPirani sensor in the 972B and 974B allows low auto cold cathode turn-on pressure (user programmable from 2x10-4 to 1x10-3 Torr) for enhanced reliability
  • The cold cathode anode module design is user serviceable to decrease downtime and save external repair costs
  • All transducers include both analog and digital communication for ease of operation
  • MicroPirani is automatically zeroed during pump down cycle for improved accuracy (972B and 974B models)
  • Mountable in any orientation for ease of use and fl exibility of design
  • Simplified interface via a single smoothed analog output that combines the individual sensor measurements
  • Three user confi gurable relays for process control
  • Alternate analog output and electrical connectors available to match other vendors' gauges and facilitate an easy upgrade
  • Can be used with the PDR900 controller for easy set up
  • RoHS and CE Compliant


For more information download the PDF Brochure below

MKS Gauges PDF Brochure





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