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MKS Mass-Flo Power Supply/Readouts

For MKS Mass Flow Controllers/Meters 

MKS Mass-Flo controllers/meters can be used with any of several MKS electronics modules. These modules provide power and a set point signal to the mass flow controller. In addition, the electronics modules provide a readout of gas flow, a gas correction potentiometer, and external input/output signals for remote indicating, recording, and controlling purposes.

The 246 Model Power Supply/Readout is a single channel/single Readout unit and the 247 Model is a four channel/sequentially selectable single Readout, while the 647 Model is a Microprocessor-Based Multi-Channel Flow/Pressure Controller and has up to eight gas flow channels and one pressure channel which allow independent of ratio-based gas flow control.

For more information download the PDF Brochure below

MKS Mass-Flo Power Supply Readout PDF Brochure


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