Biovac 13R Centrifuge

01 Overview

Biovac 13R is a safe and reliable, user friendly, high speed centrifuge, refrigerated by a CFC-free unit which offers a temp. control range of -10 to 40º. 

02 Details

Biovac 13/13R Centrifuges

Biovac 13R high speed centrifuge provides an excellent centrifugal function and is extremely user friendly with a high level of reliability and safety.

1. Biovac 13/13R centrifuges are equipped with a precise electronic imbalance detection system.
2. They use a patented lid-lock system for safety.
3. LCD display indicates the speed, RCF, time, temperature, acceleration, braking rates and error messages.
4. The Biovac 13R centrifuge is refrigerated by a CFC-free unit with a temperature control range of -10 to 40ºC.
5. It provides rotor pre-cooling function.
6. Fixed angle rotor #1303 is offered as a standard accessory.
7. Five autoclavable(121 , 20min) ultra-duralumin airtight rotors are available.
8. Automatic rotor identification function.
9. Warning alarms if any abnormal operation occurs.
10. Maximum speed of 13800rpm and a maximum RCF of 17458 x g.

Specifications of Biovac 13R/13 Centrifuges

Max. speed 13,800rpm Control Microprocessor control
Max. RCF 17,458 x g Weight without rotor 20Kg (Biovac 13)/ 39Kg(Biovac 13R)
Max. capacity 24 x 1.5/2.0ml Power 150VA (Biovac 13) / 300VA (Biovac 13R)
Temperature range -10ºC~+40ºC (Biovac 13R) Refrigerant R134a(CFC-free) (Biovac 13R)
Running time <=9h 59min, quick spin Dimensions(H x W x D) 220mm x 230mm x 330mm (Biovac 13)
Step 10rpm
Drive Brushless induction motor 320mm x 285mm x 480mm (Biovac 13R)
Power supply 220/50Hz

Biovac 13 User Manual, Biovac 13R User Manual