01 Overview

The AXIS Nova is a highly automated x-ray photoelectron spectrometer with uncompromised spectroscopic performance required for demanding research applications.

02 Details

The AXIS Nova combines XPS imaging and spectroscopic capabilities with a highly automated, large sample handling system and is the next generation of AXIS Nova spectrometer.  The AXIS Nova is based on Kratos’ proven AXIS technology comprising: magnetic and electrostatic transfer lenses; co-axial electron-only charge neutralisation; spherical mirror and hemispherical electron energy analysers.  Kratos developed innovations such as the delay-line detector for spectroscopy and imaging modes and high energy X-ray excitation sources ensure the AXIS Nova is capable of performing in the most demanding research and development environments.


  • Fast parallel XPS imaging <3?m resolution
  • Small spot analysis area <10?m
  • Highest energy resolution spectroscopy Ag 3d5/2 <0.48eV
  • Fully automatic charge compensation system
  • 100 channel pulse counting detector
  • Snapshot mode parallel spectral acquisition
  • High performance low energy ion gun
  • Fully automated sample transfer

For more information download the PDF Brochure