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Electrophoresis Horizontal Tanks
Baygene BG-SubMIDI Marine Electrophoresis

BG-SubMIDI Marine System

Horizontal gels offer many advantages for nucleic acid separation, It is a primary tool for the life sciences.
The BG-SubMidi is the most versitile of the Sub tanks in our range.
  • UV-transparent gel trays with fluorescent ruler and offers convenient gel handling and viewing
  • Combs to fit virtually every need: Multichannel pipet compatible and preparative combs
  • Easy-to-replace electrode cassettes
User Manual

BG-SubMINI Marine Electrophoresis

The speed of DNA separations can be increased using the BG-subMINI marine electrophoresis. Its short narrow format allows 10 cm runs with speed, simplicity, and economy.

Primary characteristics are similar to the BG-subMIDI sub marine system although the gel tray size and compatibility of Multichannel-pipet vary from the larger model.
  • Dimensions: 26x11x12cm
  • Gel size: 7X10cm
  • Combs: 0.75mm x 8 and 15 well;1.0 and 1.5 mm x 8 well
User Manual
Baygene BG-SubMINI Marine Electrophoresis
Baygene BG-SubMAX Marine Electrophoresis

BG-SubMAX Marine Electrophoresis

BG-subMAX marine electrophoresis was developed for multiple sample analysis and compatibility with multichannel pipets.
  • Dimensions: 32 x 38 x 15cm
  • Gel size: 25 x 20cm
  • Combs: 1.0mm x 24 and 48 well; 1.5mm x 24 and 48 well
User Manual

BG-caTANK Immune Electrophoresis

Immune (slide) electrophoresis and cellulose acetate membrane electrophoresis

  • Immune electrophoresis is used to analyse antigen elements, consisting of agar electrophoresis and 2-D agar diffusion.
  • Cellulose acetate membrane (CAM) electrophoresis is a easy and quick experimental technique of abruption biomolecule, the most common usage is serum albumin CAM electrophoresis.
  • Advantage of two techniques above is to use a small amount of reagent but with high specificity and resolving power. Mostly used to analyse the element of serum albumin, for example, multiple myeloma, hepatopathy, systemia lupus erythematosus. Also for purity tests of antigen or antibody; Research of antibody element and so on.
  • 3 Platinum electrode: 1 positive, 2 negative; Can run 2 electrophoresis together.
  • Immune electrophoresis: Can make 1~20 piece of slide.
  • CAM electrophoresis:
    2 x 8cm, can make 1~24.
    7 x 9cm, can make 1~6.
    8 x 12cm, can make 1~6.
  • Every sysytem comprises of: Trough, bridge, emulsion tube, power supply line.
Baygene BG-caTANK Immune Electrophoresis

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