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Gel Dryers for drying large gels
Gel Dryers dry large gels up to 13.2 x 16.7” maximum (33.6 x 42.3 cm) or any combination of smaller gels for preservation or subsequent processing such as autoradiography.
Separate vacuum and heat timers provide versatility to establish many different drying conditions.

Drying times vary, depending on the vacuum source, gel concentration and gel thickness.


  • 800 watt heating element warms the platen, providing even, gentle heat.
  • Two independent four-hour timers - one for the heating element and one for the vacuum source. Timing the vacuum to run longer than the heat allows gels to cool under vacuum, preventing cracking.
  • Temperature control knob allows adjustment from 40 to 80?C.
  • Mylar* sheet and a porous polyethylene sheet are provided for different gel types.
  • Translucent silicone rubber cover provides a vacuum seal to hold gels flat.
  • Flexible mesh supports the gel during drying.
  • CE Conformity (230 volt model)

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