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Developed and manufactured for use predominantly on PCRMax thermal cyclers, but may also be used on other available thermal cyclers, PCR products have a number of key features that provide the user with the highest quality products


Delta Kits

The Delta Seek detection kits utilise the sensitivity and speed of qPCR to get the most accurate data as quickly as possible. Each kit is specifically designed by our bioinformatics team to ensure the broadest possible detection profile and detection of all clinically relevant strains and subtypes. All test kits are validated in house on multiple qPCR platforms to ensure cross platform functionality.

Kits come with sufficient controls to reduce the chances of making the wrong call and positive copy number standard to allow for easy quantification.

Delta Seek kits can also by generated specifically for your test of interest. If the kit is not in our database currently we can easily make the kit you wish if sequence data is available.

Delta seek detection kits conform to the latest safety directives including European CE requirements






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