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Fisher Scientific


Lab Africa South Africa 2015

Lab Africa South Africa 2015

Lab Africa Exhibition (Johannesburg)

Vacutec exhibited at Lab Africa in Johannesburg

We had on display , Helium Leak Detectors, Gel documentation systems, PCR machines, microplate readers, electrophoresis, centrifuges as well as Fisher Scientific / Fisherbrand equipment and consumables, plus many more items



Fisher Scientific South Africa Agents

Success Story

In 2012 we also became Agents for Fisher Scientific who are one of the world?s largest suppliers of laboratory equipment and instrumentation.

The Fisherbrand portfolio is home to 10,000+ products guaranteed to fit your every need. There isn't a space in your lab that isn't a perfect place for fisher equipment, instruments and consumables. Fisherbrand stands for quality, reliability and value.

Fisherbrand outfits every part of your workspace. Whether you are working on the bench, in the freezer, in the hood, on the shelf or in the field, Fisherbrand has products to fit your every need.

(JHB) +27 (0) 11 475 1823

(DBN) +27 (0) 31 301 7617

(CPT) +27 (0) 21 461 9607