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IEF System
IEF Horizontal Gel Tank System

IEF-SYS high resolution 2D gel electrophoresis system

The IEF-SYS is a robust acrylic horizontal gel tank designed for running 2D electrophoresis gels with immobilized pH gradient (IPG) strips and
pre-cast acrylamide gels. IPG strips, widely acknowledged as the best method of resolving proteins by their isoelectric point are laid on the
IEF-SYS system's hollow frame. The position of positive and negative electrodes on the hollow frame can be adjusted to ensure optimum contact with the IPG strips' edges, making it easy to control the voltage gradient across the strip.
A ceramic cooling block filled with Hexid, the best super cooling fluid currently available is placed under the hollow frame, allowing users to run high voltage through the IPG strips, resulting in precisely focused protein spots.
The IEF-SYS system's glass bottomed electrode frame is then used to run the second dimension molecular weight separation using the pre-run IPG strips with a pre-cast acrylamide gel to achieve perfect 2D gel results using just one tank

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