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GeneSys Analysis Software


Syngene's revolutionary new GeneSys image acquisition software has been developed for use with G:BOX and Dyversity systems. GeneSys ensures scientists can quickly capture excellent images of even complex multiplex gels.

The innovative GeneSys software features large touch-screen buttons which guide users effortlessly through set-up and image capture. Each screen prompts researchers to select, for example, the type of gel or blot they are using and what it is stained with.


GeneTools is a powerful image analysis program for all gel applications: 1D gels, spot and slot blots, plates, colonies, autorads, multi-tier gels, protein gels, GFP, PCR, Coomassie Blue and silver-stained gels, ZYMA gels, pattern matching, and more. Achieving input to results in under 8 seconds, GeneTools is fully automatic, easy to use and very fast.

GeneTools is available on every Syngene system and comes with free upgrades for life.
GeneTools Analysis Software
GeneDirectory Data Storage and Retrieval System

Gene Directory

GeneDirectory is a fast data storage and retrieval system designed for large-scale genomic fingerprinting studies, cluster analysis, VNTR analysis, genotyping and RFLP. Used in conjunction with the GeneTools gel analysis package, this combination is the most powerful and user-friendly comparison tool available today.

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