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Dymension 1
Dymension 1 analysis software
DYMENSION 1 is ideal for users looking for software to analyse spots between samples containing one 2D gel only. It offers a range of automatic image correction features and methods of resolving and analysing spots on single gels.

The software can be easily upgraded to DYMENSION 2 or 3 if the proteomics needs of the laboratory change.


On screen views Syncronised zoom with intensity autoscale
Image Processing Automatic and precise image warping with vector view, background correction and noise filtering
Spot detection Automatic spot detection
Speed of spot detection 3 x 10MB images in eight seconds
Spot Matching Automatic spot matching
User definable parameters Spot detection with user adjustable parameters/ Spot editing and filtering/ Spot normalization
Image calibration pI and MW ladder calibration/ Protein list assignment of spots with known identitiy, pI and MW
Power Input Data visualisation

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